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Vector vs Raster for cnc designers



The difference between raster and vector graphics (raster or pixel and vector)

We as CNC designers may use the two systems to display designs on the screen, but we must know the difference between them to decide which program we will use, even if most of the time we need vector, cad, or raster and vector all have names for the same thing, they all represent the same system that we will use, but only different names launched It has what you want. In this article, we will talk about the difference between them and why there are two systems for displaying designs on the screen.

What is a raster, a pixel system, or a bitmap?

All of these names are for one thing and mean the same thing, but they are different names that we will start with because they are the least important for CNC designers.

A bitmap is an image in the form of a series of pixels. Each pixel has a specific color when grouping these pixels next to each other, which gives us the final image that the eye sees.

This picture will give you an example

As we use this type of images.

There are limited uses for this type of pixels, the most commonly used in laser machines and routers

In co2 laser or plasma cutting machines, we use this type of image to etch photographic images on the material of our choice.

Programs used to design pixels or rasters

Raster or pixel designs are one of the oldest types of designs that we got to know with the beginning of the computer, but some of them proved their worth and gained the satisfaction of the user, and some of them disappeared with the passage of time. The most important and most famous of these programs are

1- photoshop (not free)

2- gimp (free)

3- Corel PHOTO-PAINT (Not Free)

What is victor or cad?

CAD is an abbreviation for computer-aided design, which means computer-aided design. It is a computer-based technology for rendering. Technology is used in many fields, including industrial, architectural and electronic engineering, and the most important here is the use of design in CNC.

The word vector means vector artwork is art consisting of vector graphics. These drawings are points, lines, curves, and shapes that depend on mathematical formulas, meaning that any vector drawing consists of two basic elements: points and lines.

The point determines the starting place and the line carries different characteristics such as length and curvature. Through this information, the final form of the design is formed for us.

Programs used in vector or CAD designs

There are many programs that are used for vector or CAD designs, including free and paid ones, and we will remember them with the most important advantages and disadvantages for each of them, and you are free to choose.

1- inkscape (free)

2- illustrator (not free)

3- coreldraw (not free)

As for the CAD programs

1- freecad (free)

2- Autocad (paid)