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All You need To know About CNC



All you need to know about CNC technology

What is meant by CNC, what are its uses and stages of operation, and the most famous programs used for CNC designs, all of this we will learn about through the following article.

Meaning of the word CNC

The word CNC is an abbreviation of the term Computer Numerically Controlled Machine, which in Arabic means the numerical control using a computer in the machine; in other words, the computer controls the machine to implement the design entered.

Types of CNC machines

Based on the meaning of the word CNC, it can be called any machine that is controlled by a computer, a CNC machine, and CNC machines came to be thought and manufactured in order to increase the production and quality of different products, and because each material or material has different ways to deal with it. Then came more than one type of CNC machine, the most famous of which are:

1 - laser cutting machines

2 - Wooden router machines

3 - 3D printing machines

4 - Cutting Plotter Machines

And other types, but these are the most famous types of CNC machines.

Various uses of CNC

We also explained that there are more than one type of CNC machine, so we will present the most famous and famous uses of CNC because the uses of CNC are unlimited. It is one of the modern technology tools and it can produce endless ideas on various materials quickly and accurately, and the door to creativity is open.

1- laser cutting machines

It is considered the most famous use of CNC because laser cutting machines are used on most of the materials in circulation and the most widely used, and the laser capabilities themselves have more than one type, the most famous of which are co2 laser cutting machines and plasma laser cutting machines

There is a separate article on MobyCNC that explains in detail everything related to laser cutting machines

2 - Router machines: Router machines, in short, are the use of a moving drill through the computer as it was in the past, and there are still many crafts that use the drill to implement the most beautiful hand creations on various materials such as wood, copper and marble, what can be presented manually using simple tools. Router machines can present it easily and with great accuracy. With speed in implementation

3 - 3D printing machines: Imagine that you have a quantity of solid material in the form of a liquid, and when it is formed in any shape, it turns into this solid form in a simplified way, what 3D printing machines do in converting the material that is in the form of wires into a liquid through heat, and you form and move According to the design sent by computer

4 - Cutting plotters: Always and as we used to use the cutter to cut papers and stickers manually, the cutter plotter machine does the same thing using the cutter for cutting, but with greater accuracy than manual and faster. This is brief about the cutter plotter machine, and there is a comprehensive article about the machine and its various uses on MobiC NC.

Method of operation and preparation of CNC machines.

Since there are different materials and different types of CNC machines, therefore, each material and each machine have different settings and methods of operation.

The most famous design programs to run on CNC machines

Autodesk AutoCAD


adobe illustrator